The 7 Figure Online Coaching Workshop!

Are you an Online Coach OR Agency Owner Wanting to Scale to 7 Figures & Help more People than Ever?

We Will Equip You With Everything you Need - To Build a 7 Figure Online Coaching Biz in the Next 12 Months!

Saturday, July 8th

@ 8:00am - 11:00am AEST

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What You Will Learn On This LIVE Online Workshop:
The 7 Figure Value Ladder
Building to 7 figures is faster and easier when you have the right sales system and multiple[le in come streams.

Creating a value ladder with these is also crucial for building a 7 Figure Biz!
Building a 7 Figure Team
To create a 7 Figure Online business, Leverage and duplication are crucial.

Learn the 3 types of teams you can use, how to find them, train them and create a REAL Online business!
The 7 Figure Business Recipe
Having built 4 x 7 figure online businesses I have made a ton of mistakes and learnt an effective road map to guide others there.

If will share with you the check points to use and recipe to building a 7 Figure Biz!
The Psychology of 7 Figures
What's the difference between a 6 figure coach and 7 Figure coach?

Their psychology! Learn the psychology necessary to prime your mind for success to creating 7 figures!
The 7 Figure Marketing Funnel
Leads & Appointments are crucial to building a big business!

I will share the most powerful marketing funnel to building a 7 figure business & specific strategies!
7 Figure Business Systems
Building a 6 figure business without real systems is definitely doable, heck building to 7 figures probably is too BUT if you want to maintain your 7 Figures without burnout systems are crucial! 
Learn 7 figure systems in this Workshop!

How it Works & What Happens Once You Register? 

Once you hit the reserve my spot now button below and REGISTER FREE for this workshop, you will receive an email inviting you to the special Facebook group.

In that Facebook group you will get access to all the tools and resources we will use on the day. The workshop itself will be done Via Zoom, which is a video platform so we can all here and see each other. As it will be interactive.

If you cannot make it, are late or miss parts it will also be recorded and added into the Facebook group for you to access indefinitely forever...

Normally $497 Today Only 100% FREE!

Can't Make the Live Workshop? No Worries, you will get access to the entire recording & Facebook group with all the tools and resources...
The 7 Figure Playbook
a comprehensive 70 page play book with step by step guide to build a 7 figure online coaching business!
The Online Coaches Kit
a Fee Kit with a ton of templates, processes, scripts and more to launch & build your coaching business!
Free Full 7 Hour Audio
The full 7 hour audio version of From the Streets to a Millionaire personals development book!

About Your Presenter: 
Jason Grossman :)

Growing up we didn't have much, my mum was a single mum with bi-polar. As a teenager I dropped out of school, was kicked out of home and ended up living on the streets as a heroin addict. The third time I overdosed on heroin I was clinically dead for 3 minutes and that was a massive wake up call.  
What got me off the streets was health and fitness. I became a personal trainer and for the better part of a decade it was my passion. But nearly 10 years on I felt I was destined for greater things. So I launched my first health and wellness company and by the age of 31 was a self made millionaire (the first time). But after working for 12 years straight no breaks or holidays I burned out. I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue.

As I was unwell in bed I had to think of a way to make money. The only thing I could think of at the time was to lay in bed on my laptop and work out how to make money online. 9 Months later I had built a 7 figure coaching business online.  Travelled to 26 countries, ticking off nearly 300 bucket list items, publishing my first book; From the Streets to a Millionaire and much more!
Now after a decade online, I'm in a position to focus my time and energy in helping others do the same. To create financial freedom and live the life they dream of and with significance. In fact this is my mission to help 1 million people live the life of their dreams. 
That is why I am excited to be delivering this very exclusive LIVE Online video course where we can all see and here each other to interact and create a specific and personalize financial freedom plan for you and live the life you dream of. 
Remember your dreams are possible if you have the courage to pursue your dreams!
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Normally $497 Today Only 100% FREE!

Scale your Online Coaching Business to 7 Figures & Transform More Lives Than Ever!